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"...A bottle rocket of life"

-Her Tinder date


"If I could clone [her], I would"

-Her boss


Nicole Stetter is, in short, a youthful dabbler in all things creatively expressive. She's a scrappy marketer, using organic elements to drive visibility. Nicole has lent her creative voice to HISY, Jam in the Van, The Dolorosa, Kush Bottles, Made Eyewear, 1800Wellmed, SafeTrek, and more. Production, copywriting, engagement, storytelling, management, design, small-business advocation, and even PTA. Whatever the task, her wholehearted, authentic energy and drive are enough to knock you down with brute force. 

A journalism editor in Middle School, Nicole weasled her way into getting oddly compelling stories in the paper. In High School, online magazine editor and cheerleading captain were crossed off her list. Years later, she joined a punk band and became obsessed with free social media marketing and engagement. On to later co-owning and managing a creative art space taught her tons managment skills. Nicole's professional reinforcement history is screaming "can and will do it all." 

Today, Nicole connects brands with creative talent across the LA area. She devises campaigns for startups and small businesses and increases visibility on various platforms. She lends an authentic voice to tell brands' stories in a uniquely engaging way. She helps brands position themselves through research, applied creativity, and data. Content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, activation and event production, and branding make up her list of services offered.

Projects and Stuff


Content and Stuff

Nicole recorded this song and produced this video as a fun addition to her essay on the blog she contributes to. Music by Adrian de la Cruz. Directed by Roxy Campos and Melissa Ramirez of Stumble on Tapes. December 2014.

This fun video by Roxy Campos and Melissa Ramirez has immortalized the 

playful spirit of Nicole's DIY venue, art collective, thrift store space, Twin Lemons Collective circa 2012 #RIP


Nicole produced this lookbook video for client Made Eyewear with her colleagues at Gazoozle Inc. in November 2014.

Nicole produced content for Dharma Eyewear to help customers easily understand the use of some of their products. She oversaw every aspect of this shoot from concept to editing.

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